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supervisor who became a sheriff would have have gotten the notoriety? >> i don't see how he can take this time to deal with his legal troubles and run the sheriff's office. if he can, he's a miracle man. i don't believe he is at all. >> mayor ed lee says he is reviewing the charter to determine what steps to take in terms of the sheriff's future but indicated he's not likely to do anything until after this trial. >> if you renew the charter, these processes involved ethics commission so that is what i'm under review about. and it will take time to do that. and i may have to wait the conclusion of the trial itself. >> the trial is scheduled to start and the judge's restrai restraining order, she told
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ross mirkarimi he can now petition family court if he wants to try to get visits but her court is not the proper venue in this case. mirkarimi's attorney tells us he's crushed and devastated. we'll have that reaction tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. >> and one of the former police officers charged in that huge law enforcement scandal pleaded guilty today to charges against him. louis lombardi was taken into custody z that is where laura anthony is is live with the story. laurie? >> after 20 years as a police officer, louis lombardi is in medical custody and likely to testify in law enforcement. >> this is a step he knew he
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was going to take. >> the attorney for louis lombardi says his client did what he had to do to move forward. >> he knows he has to pay the piper as the phrase goes. >> shown here, lombardi pled guilty to nine felony counts related to the larger scandal and this 39-year-old to thousands of dollars and he received and resold large quantities of marijuana and methamphetamine. lombardi conspired to create a marijuana growing operation and admitted stealing gun autos everyone in this case had certain pressures that made them susceptible totem taigs law enforcement officers face. >> lombardi named both former c net commander and a private
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investigator as co-conspirators. he will likely testify against both men. >> if he tells the truth very to problem with that. >> michael cardoza represents welsh and doesn't think lombardi is necessarily believable he takes watches and things of value from people, then lies about it later. that is the type of person feds are going to put on the stand against my client. >> now, with counts against him, he faces a possibility of more than 60 years in prison. the sentence will likely be shorter because it was part of a plea agreement. and this sentence will be here april 18th. >> a student has been charged with trying to rape his former teacher. police say a 19-year-old threatened a teacher with a
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knife. he is being held in jail on $1 million bail. >> a caltrans technician fired for falsifying inspection records on california highways and prisons will be allowed to retire. he appealed his termination. under a new settlement he's allowed to step down as long as he take nose action against the state. he was removed from the post after the sacramento bee reported he violated procedures testing support structures on the bay bay bridge. caltrans says the scandal has not affected the safety of the eastern span. a spokesman says the settlement avoids a trial. >> in los angeles california air resources board is poised to approve new rules that could reshape the american automotive indus city. and there are detail that's might save you money at the gas pump. >> how about an electric car?
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does that sound good? you might have one. and as goes california the rest of the nation will follow this, is the first state to ban leaded gasoline and limit green house emissions so here comes a change. regulations requiring by 2025, 15% of the cars in the state would be zero emissions. the goal? reduce green house emissions by 35%. >> do you hear that? it's the sound of the future, more noise you're likely to hear from an electric car. in marin county. bill carney already drives an electric car. a man ahead of the political curve paying a penny per mile f any state is to lead the nation in emissions he says it ought to be california. >> this is probably the
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largest effective country on the plant planit doing something with climate change. and cleaning up that sector of our economy will move us forward and we'll set an example for the rest of the country and world. >> as we drive more cars we'll need to build infrastructure that charges them. marin county has six stations already. the juice is free for now, they'll probably not forever. the price of installing the stations will likely drop but this will require a change in thinking. >> primary thing is to locate them where people want to go to shop or here to do some business. and so where people are employed are the ideal places. >> now california air board voted to approve this yet but it's pretty much a given,
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adding roughly $1900 to the cost of a car. >> that is remarkable. thank you. >> and brazilian prosecutors say they're ready to file criminal charges against chevron, blamed for an oil spill polluting somest coastal areas. a prosecutor says it could mean prison time for 12 managers including the chief executive of the company's brazilian unit. routers reports they're denying charges coming on top of an $11 kbrinl lawsuit. and in another legal blow a u.s. appeals court just overturned an injunction that would have allowed plaintiffs from collecting on an $18 kbrinl settlement. >> and several groups are suing over the navy's expanded use of sonar. the suits targets the navy's training program using mid
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frequency sound waves. and the navy is required to simply look out for sea life. activists say it's harmful, sometimes fatal to whales and they want the fishries serve to place more redirections. >> and time for a first check of the forecast now. >> there is sandhya patel. >> let me show you what goitsing to look like tonight. this morning light showers, measurable drizzle. tonight going with partly cloudy skies and tomorrow morning we'll start out with areas of fog, low 40s to low 50s and it's sunny and milder, temperatures rising into low to mid-60s. this is not the end of the warm up. the rest of the weekend forecast is coming up. >> thank you. >> coming up next workers whose health is most affected by overtime. >> maybe you love your ipad
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but it is changing you. turns out they can be a pain in the neck. >> now, amazon wants to publish looks. the story live from san francisco. >> it's 4:09. our first check of traffic? yuck this, is the skyway and whether coming off of it trying to get down on the righthand side of the screen, nobody is going back soon. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues.
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checking healthy living news working too hard can be depressing. a study suggests people who
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work long hours are twice as likely to experience a major expressive episode. researchers found people working more than 11 hours per day are at greatest risk. this study focused on junior and mid level employees. >> and spending too much time staring at your ipad can be a pain in the neck. researchers found peoplism peer yensing head, neck and shoulder pain from using their tablets too much, calling it ipad shoulder. and founder of a french company is now under arrest. a 72-year-old seen here smiling for his booking photo is accused of making implants with cheap industrial grade silicone not fit for human use. his company was shut down in 2010. today he was taken into
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custody in southern france as part of a manslaughter investigation. and 400,000 women around the world are believed to have been given these faulty impants. >> now, funny or die has given us a reason to go online. soon, fans will have a reason to leave their house. and here is emily chang with today's after the bell report. >> for over a decade, amazon has been a friend to the publishing industry. and that is no longer the case. amazon is beefing up it's own electric publishing unit looking to test new ideas and pursuing authors to try to get content for kindel users. ama concan pass the savings to authors as higher advances and royalties. also lowered prices of books
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are you and me. but the traditional publishing industry saying amazon is trying to put other publishers out of business. and stocks closed lower this afternoon, reversing gains after a report on december new home sales came in lower than expected. your bloomberg index down about half a percent, hp and juniper networks being biggest losers. and juniper says this is going to be weak as well. and nokia sold one million lumia phones last quarter but posted a loss for the quarter. $4 billion breaks up had to pay when the proposed merger fell apart. part of the blame twont iphones.
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and many of you may have heard of funny or making a name posting viral videos now it's moving on to big screen but doing so differently. generally going from theeter to individual owe on demand. it's making movies available on demand first followed by a run in march keeping costs low. and this first movie is about two guys getting a billion dollars to make a film and blow it. the company is getting help from well-connected partners like will ferrell helping funny or die attract a-list stars by change things up, they're hoping to take stigma away from video on demand movies as the quality of films improves. larry? >> thank you. anything will ferrell is in is going to be funny.
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>> yes. >> you can see it's funny here in san francisco. that wasn't the case today. >> no. cloudy. >> clouds and showers here so things are improving but not until tomorrow, we'll see changes and it will get warmer here. there is a live picture now from our emeryville camera. low level clouds looking towards sutro tower, there are high clouds moving in still, very subyorn patches of fog around parts of the bay area. now as we show you you'll see right now we have 53 degrees in san francisco. and 67 in santa rosa so there is a range. visibility right now, half moon bay, quarter mile with fog. and sfo up to two hours due to low ceilings, partly cloudy skies and mild for friday and your saturday. and don't get to used to this, goitsing to turn cooler sunday with clouds. we may see more showers coming
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up sunday night. this cold front responsible for damp pavement this morning. it's a weak front starting to break apart. we're seeing clearing to the north. and we're going to see the clearing trend. ridge is rebuilding meaning we have two milder days ahead, friday and saturday. there are clouds around now. then, we'll see an off shore flow developing. it's dry and mild with sunny skies across the bay area. tonight partly cloudy conditions and dew points are high tonight. there is a lot of low level moisture. temperatures into low 40 to low 50s out there. sunny skies and for january? not too bad. 62 degrees in san francisco. half moon bay.
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and 63 degrees in antioch and 66 in fairfield. around monterey bay, 68 in santa cruz. 69 watsonville. there is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it's a spring like forecast the next few days. low to upper 60s heading into your saturday. chance of light showers into the north bay sunday night into wee hours of monday morning. you'll see it and feel it sunday and monday. numbers bouncing back. so there is very pleasant weather ahead. >> entertainment news now, michael jackson made a mark on a southern california tourist attraction. >> pop legend mike yim jackson was the center of a huge celebration today. family, fans for a hand and foot print ceremony, jackson's
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kids were there to help honor their father who many came to remember even justin beiber. >> i want to be, i want to have that perfection and be the best i can be that. is what michael did. he was always, he always wanted to be the best he can be. >> and if you're excited go go to, official online home of the 85th academy awards. and as well as fun clips from billy crystal. >> it's been more than five years since star jones left her gig on "the view". now, the show says she's coming back but won't be on to host. and jones will be a guest to promote heart health awareness with her involvement. check it out february 22 here on abc. i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> and next at 4:00 something to make you feel better with
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b.not draping up your desk. researchers say it's a good thing. then, later at 4:30. >> it's like, well, i think i'll be a cat burglar today. >> the thief took the term cat burglar too far. >> and this is 101 and you can see things are moving slowly. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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this is my favorite story of the newscast. something you want to keep in mind next time the boss tells you to clean up your desk. researchers studied clean and messy desks and came to the conclusion untidy ones actually helped people think more clearly. that is what i've been saying. why does this happen? when surrounded by clutter our minds work harder to simplify tasks. the messy desk affect works best on conservatives. researchers say because liberal thinkers don't worry about this mess and disorganization. >> i will let you wonder whose desk was being photographed tlchl the meesy one. >> speaking of thinkers high school students taking part in a spelling bee thought carefully before answering. >> what is the word today? >> heron? >> hair row?
4:24 pm
>> heron. >> hairline? >> heron. >> sounds like? this goes on two minutes before he gets it. heron. the video was actually posted on the internet last summer finally gaining steam with more than 150,000 views on you tube. hairline? >> it's funny but taken a long time to catch on. it's been out there for a while. >> he got it. >> still ahead, a long time congressman who is a gay rights pioneer is now getting married. not this photo. >> this is a story of why the arizona governor disrespected her when stepping off of air force one. republicans race. >> and i frankly don't care what the washington establishment thinks of me newt gingrich fighting back after harsh criticism from bob
4:25 pm
dole. >> from our camera, hard to see anything. the fog is sitting it's fog and clouds with us to this afternoon. they'll be parting ways tomorrow, meaning sunny skies and warmer weather is on the way. osososososososososososososos
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some cancer patients, even those with good insurance are paying for treatment because
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they're taking pills to fight the disease instead of regular chemo. >> some lawmakers say it is time to change that. we're live at the capitol with the story for us. >> american cancer society says cancer is the second leading cause of death in california. there is a push to improve access to treatment by including oral chemo in health plans. >> i have had leukemia twice. it's very, very difficult to experience that. >> i know what it means to spend a day in a room with a loved one, going through chemo. >> no political party is immune to cancer so a proposal to provide greater access to treat won bipartisan support in the assembly, forcing health insurance companies to cover anticancer pills. some plans don't, requiring
4:29 pm
patients to trek to a hospital or pay out of pocket to stay home for treatment. >> they just couldn't afford it. and can cost up to $10,000 in order to take medication. >> the assemblyman says this would benefit women because a number of anticancer pills are used for treating breast cancer. and there are three dozen medications have approval. this democrat wants insurance companies to catch up with science. >> we'll increase the price. >> opponents put up a fight without knowing how much the reform act will affect medical costs. >> if we continue to put mandates on insurance, people paying premiums are going to pay for it shelly thomas knows woe have rather taken oral
4:30 pm
chemo over endless trips to the hospital he wanted to be home. he knew waits not a good diagnosis. and he was a fighter. and he wasn't able to spend more time with his children, and me, at home. >> the bill now heads to the senate. a dozen states have similar laws in place. >> thank you. >> now to race for white house. it's a two-man battle in florida. the primary is next tuesday and that contest is getting closer every day. >> newt gingrich is drawing massive crowds. >> we're not going to beat barack obama while he tries to think the rest of us are too stupid to put the dots together. >> in one week gingrich
4:31 pm
skyrocketed 15 noints a poll now the race is a dead heat. inside there is considerable angst over possibility of gingrich winning the nomination. he said today he's held his young when it comes to the record in leadership but now has to take a stand before it's too late. and in an op ed he writes if pg gingrich is the nominee it will have an adverse impact. that probably won't phase the former speaker. >> i frankly don't care what the washington establishment thinks of me. >> and this message is clear. >> the last debate with temperatures rising on the catch yain trail there could be fire works. >> there may be give and take.
4:32 pm
and there could be a showdown. asked if he would be more aggressive gingrich said he'll tell the truth. abc news, washington. >> with the race between romney and gingrich so close, california's primaries, way out in june could end up deciding who will be the republican nominee for president. coming up at 5:00 abc 7 looks at which voters are starting to target here in this state. >> the obama administration is looking to slow the growth of the defense budget. the defense secretary outlined a plan to reduce ground forces by more than 100,000, eliminating older aircraft, slow buying the next generation of fighter planes and limit some pay raises. he says he will ask congress for a budget of $525 billion for next year. >> the president spent a second day promoting agenda led out in tuesday night's state of the union address.
4:33 pm
and he called for more investment in cleaner sources and greater energy reduction. >> right now american oil production is the highest that it's been in eight years. and 80 years and it got a lot after tension. and we're moving in the right direction. >> and the 38 million acres in central gulf of mexico. he wraps up the three-day, five-state tour tomorrow. >> and abc's diane sawyer will have her interview this evening. you can catch it on world news tonight on abc 7 at 5:30. >> the obama campaign is
4:34 pm
recruiting technology giants from silicon valley to give a fund raising boost. and they will attend a meeting and its purpose to rally the tech community. the group dubbed p 40 as in technology for obama. >> people are still talking about the president's tarmac encounter yesterday with arizona governor jan brewer, here it is. this shows the republican governor waving her finger los to the president's face after he stop stepped off air force one. brewer says the president was raising objections to her book in which she described him as condescending during a meeting. >> barney frank is getting married. the 71-year-old democrat is retiring and will marry his partner, jim in a massachusetts ceremony. the state legalized same-sex marriage in 2004, and they have been together almost five
4:35 pm
years. >> and still head on news at 4:00 there is concern about how raids that rescued an american woman could affect other prisoner autos and the $16.5 million question who. owns this lottery ticket? >> and taking a look at traffic right now this is interstate 880. you can see traffic heading eastbound here moving slowly as is the norm. and some clouds in the area as well. sandhya patel is here with travel forecast. >> and travel forecast doesn't look any better. and sfo arrivals of up to two hours and las vegas just heavy volume creating delays. construction in phoenix creating delays and there are low ceilings around la guardia and newark creating 15-30 minute delays.
4:36 pm
and taxi delays of 15-30 minutes. i'll be back a look at the
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there is concern rescue of an american woman may put more prisoners at risk. pirates say they've relocated other prisoners they're holding captive. tuesday night u.s. navy seels staged a daring operation to save two aid workers one is an
4:39 pm
american, a 32-year-old along with a danish colleague are now in itally. they're being debriefed and undergoing medical checkups. her father says he hopes to be reunited with her today at the base. >> an american engineering student jailed for three weeks has been freed. family members say authorities released him to his father. he was taken into custody after flying from detroit to the start of the semester. not clear why he was arrested. >> skt passengers who ran aground in a cruise ship may be hearing about a compensation deal soon. the ship still bright etly lit and you can see it's begun to lift. the deal is being put together by the ship operator said to include reimbursements and as well as trauma suffered. 19 people are confirmed dead
4:40 pm
and 16 others still missing. >> and state department named a career diplomat preventing the sale of blood diamonds. she will head the international body known as kimberly process agency created to keep blood diamonds off the market. she's the former u.s. ambassador. the diamonds are sold to finance insurgence yeez of war lords. >> still ahead police catch a thief who says he stole for companionship. but first... >> was my honor to do that. >> a here hero gets a promotion he earned almost 60 years ago. ha you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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i can barely hear a thing with amber's band practicing. ♪ you're right, we've had enough. but i know exactly what to do. you take care of the music and i'll switch us to anthem. sometimes you just have to pull the plug. ♪ sorry, grandpa, we'll try to keep it down. i just... give it to me. ♪ [ female announcer ] we know you're still more rocker than rocking chair... that are just right for you. we have plans with no copays, no deductibles,
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and lifetime coverage. you may even qualify for one of our guaranteed acceptance plans. if you're eligible for medicare or will be soon, you can schedule an in home visit or get answers right over the phone. call anthem blue cross today at 1-877-230-6352. that's 1-877-230-6352.
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beth! hi! looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed. these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right -- whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multi-grain cheerios -- 5 whole grains, 110 calories. creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm! [ female announcer ] new multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. and this is why we love living in the bay area. >> butte oofl take a look at the view from atop. you can see saus the right. there is the city of san
4:44 pm
francisco. sandhya patel will give us a look at the forecast. a man who served in the marine corps just four years is going receive an honorary promotion nearly 60 years after his retirement. and we're live where this will take place this, is long overdue. >> right. it's extraordinary. it was discovered just a couple years ago a marine would have been promoted but his career was cut short by combat this, weekend, after a lot of paper work that dream will come true. jimmy knew he wanted to be a marine. today, he remember that's moment he saw the marine color guard marching in a parade. >> it went by. i looked up at my mom. i said that is what i'm going to be. >> at age 19, he was.
4:45 pm
his service ended in 1953 after he lost in leg in combat. he was hurt rescuing a fellow marine. >> he had been badly wounded. and he couldn't walk. i put him on my back and started down the hill z mortar shell blew us up. >> his actions earned him a purple heart and coveted navy cross for valor. but now, the staff sargeant is receiving a promotion to gunnery sargeant, a promotion he was slated to receive nearly 60 years ago. >> he's a hero. and in so many ways it's impossible to describe them all. >> virtually every day, he has continued to serve his country and his community. he was a three-term mayor of milpitas but he is volunteered for decades as a marine training instructor and at the va hospital helping wounded
4:46 pm
service members and families. >> this is my honor to do that. it took away from me a lot of the stigma of the hurt of having to be retired. at age 23. >> gunnery sargeant will accept his honorary promotion in a ceremony on saturday. >> i am overwhelmed and... i know they're going to ask me to say a few words i'm going to try to hold it together while i do it. but it's -- it's just exciting. >> this weekend is a drill weekend so it will be grand. congressman mike honda will be here. and so will denny's wife of 63 years. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and there is a man accused
4:47 pm
of breaking into a wildlife museum says he did it because he wanted companionship. police found him sitting on the sidewalk a couple blocks from the museum petting a stuffed dingo that had been taken. police spotted him while they were looking for someone that had stolen a stuffed leopard. he says he took the leopard first and then went back for the dingo. >> i was sitting in my room. i don't got a tv or radio. i thought i'd be a cat burglar. >> he stole a cat. he says the break in will cost a few thousand dollars to repair. okay? >> you do have to feel bad. >> okay. obviously. >> a cat scurries into a cockpit, delaying a flight for hours. why the passenger who brought it on board says it's not her fault. >> tvs on sale for super bowl game. i hope you haven't bought one yet. i'll have consumer reports
4:48 pm
tests of the best big screen models, coming up next. >> and later at 5:00 how one high schooler earned the honor of ringing the closing bell on wall street today.
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there are a lot of sales on tv. >> it's the time for that. >> and how do you know if it's going to be a great set in the long run? >> there is so much. and it comes to electronics and advancing. and it's hard to know when it's the right time to take the plunge and buy one. consumer reports did tests to help you find a tv that scores. consumer reports tv labs are lined with dozens of se.s there are one that's are 3 d
4:52 pm
capable and plenty internet inabled. each faces more than 10 tests. one sizes up quality and in order to find out how far south to the sit. >> in general, there is a mixed bag when it comes to lcds. >> testers evaluate levels in different lights this, is a plasma on the left and lcd on the right. in bright light, lcds hold their black lights on plasmas image washes out. and korts evaluates sound fault. tvs got slimmer, the tests show audio is improving. what about 3 d? with more sets, consumer reports created new test patterns to assess the quality of the picture. >> some of the top-rated tests
4:53 pm
are 3 d but you're going pay more for the set. however, those prices are dropping. >> when purchasing a tchl v consumer reports says people often buy a set too small for the room. if you sit eight to 10 feet away consider a 50-60 inch screen this, 60 inch panna sonic plasma rated excellent has good levels and audio costs $1400. the remote is easy to use. and ifñi that is too much tv for the budget, the panna sonic also rated by good and costs $800. >> i want the biggest michael finney i can see. >> you can't get enough for me. >> and there is this afternoon,
4:54 pm
we had a lot of cloud cover. this is our time lapse towards east. and there is sun trying to peak through. and there is 62346 san jose. and on the peninsula, low to mid-60s under bright, blue, sunny skies. and right here the coast clirz into the afternoon, low 60s, downtown 62 degrees, 60 degrees into sunset district. north bay that off shore flow is a down sloping wind that will push temperatures up near 70 degrees in calistoga, nappa. east bay communities 63 in richmond. newark, hayward, 64 degrees, towards inland east bay you're going to see temperatures coming up into low to mid-60s raining. really going to feel like
4:55 pm
spring than winter here two days. 65 in concord, walnut creek, 66. 64 degrees in livermore and around the monterey bay, looking ats temperatures well above after rinl at this time of the year in places like salinas. 70 degrees there. 69 in watsonville and 68 degrees for new santa cruz. tomorrow morning fog will be around so you might need time for that morning commute. i will tell you it will clear out and we'll see a nice sunny, mild day tomorrow. carolyn? larry? >> thank you. >> and well... frost is the problem in the central valley. freezing temperatures there have taken their toll on california citrus industry and growers say a fifth of the crop has been lost because of the cold. 10% of the naval or yanks were damaged. so far none of the ill affects of the freeze have shown up yet. >> and there is no dry cells
4:56 pm
and oranges are great. supply is all we want. and price is not changed. and they're likely to climb because growers say they set up wind machines to protect trees from frost you probably remember the flop "snakes on a plane" how about kitty in a cabin? that is what played out on a flight yesterday, delayed four hours after a 10-year-old tabby escaped under his owner's seat. she says airport security neglected to properly close the crate. >> some people tried to catch um in first class, then he took off into cockpit and nestled down. >> ground control was called in to remove electric panels in the cockpit so they can free the animal. debbie says this was ripple's first trip and his last.
4:57 pm
he will not be flying anymore. >> and in. >> i wark the question remains who rightfully holds this ticket? the clock is ticking. it was purchased in an iowa gas station in 2010. authorities want to know who bought it and where it's been kept nearly a year. >> we're saying show us the information. show us the story. we'll show you the money. and there is a man claiming to represent an investment trust says it's his. only problem is that he misspelled the maim of the trust. he has until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow to back up his story. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. and you can keep track on twitter and the news continue nouz with dan ashley and shairld jenning autos coming up the stay away order stays
4:58 pm
in affect for sheriff ross mirkarimi. his new legal option autos battle over a transit sales tax that could derail funding. >> what brought a high schooler to wall street to ring the closing bell today? >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> san francisco's embattled sheriff foz court to fight for his family. >> ross mirkarimi being kept away from his wife and child while he fights domestic violence allegations. >> well, dan, the hearing ended about an hour and a half ago here at hall of justice, sheriff mirkarimi has not seen his son about two weeks and staying at the home of his good friend because of the protective order, yesterday he just changed attorneys sow
4:59 pm
came to court with his new lawyer sheriff ross mirkarimi has been ordered to keep 100 yards away from his skbif their 2-year-old son during the duration of the trial. today, his new attorney asked the judge to change her ruling to a no harassment order which would allow mirkarimi to see his wife but not harass her. she also asked the judge to allow him to be reunite wd his son, whom she says has been devastated by separation. the prosecution objected saying they felt for the safety of the 2-year-old. the prosecutor produced an e mail says says lopez sent the neighbor who reported at bus new year's eve. lopez sent the e mail in october while in los angeles saying she was worried about theo because her husband left him in the car as he was vomiting with his diapers wet. afr

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